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Hooded Eyes: An Aesthetic Concern

Ever looked in the mirror and felt like your eyes were hiding behind a curtain of skin? That’s the effect of hooded eyes, a common concern for many people, especially as we age. Hooded eyes happen when the upper eyelid skin droops down, covering part or all of the crease above the eye. It can make you look tired, even when you’re not, and sometimes it can even affect your vision.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why does this happen?” Well, several factors contribute to hooded eyes, including genetics, aging, and even weight fluctuations. As we age, our skin naturally loses its elasticity, and the muscles supporting the eyelids weaken. This leads to that “droopy” look that can make you feel self-conscious.

While hooded eyes aren’t a medical issue, they can definitely impact your self-confidence and make you feel like you’re not quite looking your best. If you’re looking for ways to address this, don’t worry – there are solutions!

FFS: Facial Feminization Surgery

You might have heard about FFS, which stands for Facial Chirurgie de féminisation. It’s a term that encompasses a variety of surgical procedures designed to make a person’s facial features appear more feminine. But does it address hooded eyes?

Think of FFS as a toolbox for refining facial features. While it often focuses on areas like the brow bone, chin, and jawline, it can sometimes include procedures that address the eyelids, which could play a role in addressing hooded eyes.

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FFS and Hooded Eyes

It’s important to be clear: FFS isn’t a direct solution for hooded eyes. It’s not a “fix” in the sense that it specifically targets and eliminates the drooping skin. However, FFS can play a role in reducing the appearance of hooded eyes by addressing the underlying bone structure that contributes to them.

Here’s how:

  • Brow Bone Shaping: During FFS, some surgeons might reshape the brow bone to create a more feminine and less prominent contour. This change in bone structure can indirectly impact the way the eyelid skin drapes, making the eyes appear more open and less hooded.
  • Remodelage du front: Reshaping the forehead can also influence the overall appearance of the eyes. By creating a smoother transition between the brow bone and forehead, it can subtly improve the way the eyelid sits, potentially reducing the hooded effect.

Remember, though, the impact of FFS on hooded eyes is often indirect. It’s not a guaranteed solution, and the results vary depending on individual anatomy and the specific procedures performed.

Comparing FFS to Other Procedures

If hooded eyes are your main concern, there are other surgical options that directly address the drooping eyelid skin. One of the most common is blepharoplasty, sometimes called an eyelid lift. This procedure involves removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid, directly addressing the hooded appearance.

While FFS might play a role in indirectly improving hooded eyes, it’s not the primary approach. If you’re specifically focusing on this issue, it’s essential to talk to a qualified plastic chirurgien who specializes in blepharoplasty to determine the best course of action for you.

Risks and Benefits of FFS

Like any surgical procedure, FFS comes with both risks and benefits. It’s vital to understand both sides of the equation before making any decisions.


  • Improved Appearance: FFS can enhance facial features, making you feel more confident about your appearance.
  • Dysphorie de genre réduite : For individuals seeking gender-affirming care, FFS can contribute to a more congruent sense of self.

Des risques:

  • Complications: Like any chirurgie, there’s a chance of complications, such as infection, bleeding, and scarring.
  • Récupération: Recovery can be time-consuming, and you might experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort.
  • Coût: FFS is a significant investment, and the cost can vary depending on the specific procedures involved.

Tips for Making the Right Decision

If you’re considering FFS to address hooded eyes, here are some essential tips:

  • Consult with Multiple Surgeons: Talk to several board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in FFS.
  • Get a Thorough Evaluation: Ask your surgeon to perform a comprehensive assessment of your face and determine the most appropriate procedures for you.
  • Understand the Risks: Don’t shy away from asking about potential complications.
  • Explore All Options: Considérer blepharoplasty and other eyelid procedures that might be a better fit for your specific needs.
  • Be Realistic About Expectations: FFS can make a difference, but it’s not a magic wand. It’s crucial to have realistic expectations about the results.

Conclusion: Does FFS Fix Hooded Eyes?

So, to answer the question, “Does FFS fix hooded eyes?” – it’s not a simple yes or no. While FFS can indirectly improve the appearance of hooded eyes by reshaping the brow bone and forehead, it’s not a direct solution for eyelid drooping. If your primary concern is hooded eyes, you might want to explore blepharoplasty or other eyelid procedures tailored specifically to address this issue.

Remember, the best course of action is to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon who can provide personalized advice and help you make an informed decision about the best path forward for your individual needs.

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