Penis Enlargement (Penoplasty)

Being anxious about your penis length, girth, shape, axis, even glans of penis… Modern plastic surgery procedure penoplasty offers you to get rid of this inadequacy feeling and regain your self-confidence while protecting sensitivity. Men’s wishes about improving sexual life and enhancing penis physical appearance are available.

Penis enhancement or penile enlargement surgery (also known as penoplasty or phalloplasty) means not only enlarging penile length but also enhancing penis girth. Penis enlargement also includes some procedures such as glans enhancement, pubis liposuction, scrotal bag repositioning, and setback, etc. A patient’s own fat tissue might be the most useful method of girth enhancement and ligament release might be the gold standard for penile length enlargement.

Penoplasty includes all kinds of penis procedures as all penile enlargement procedures and penile contracture releases, correction of axis deformities, penile cord corrections, penile prostheses or implants, and even circumcision or mini circumcision. Penoplasty could be an ideal solution for both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes for micropenis and penile curvatures also.

After penoplasty procedures returning to normal life and accommodation take 5-7 days, mostly. And the final result would be obtained in 1-2 months.

Penis enlargement surgery offers you to get your desired penis length and girth size! To find out more, patient reviews, and how much penis surgery costs by Dr. MFO, click the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the site!

What should I expect after penis enlargement?

After penoplasty, swelling may take a few weeks for some percent of patients. Some of the cases bruising accompanies swelling and resolves before swelling. 
Most of the cases, recovery is approximately 2-3 weeks. During the patient’s visit, aftercare would be organized by the Dr. MFO team. And how to take care of the penis medically, with medicines, and massage methods would be trained by our nurses.

Choosing the surgeon

If you were to ask someone about surgical knowledge of procedures about penoplasty there might be a large scale of available operations. But being available to do all penile procedures when needed may affect the success of your surgery. Since affordable costs are available on the market all the time, offers and best prices are only part of this deal.  The truth is there are many small aspects that might not be noticed outright, but can dramatically affect your surgical results.

Patients who want to enhance their penile physical appearance, need someone who fully understands every nuance of the men’s genital area and its structures.

You should talk to your surgeon before your operation about all the details, nobody needs an urgent penis enlargement. If you are not given time to think about it, you should look elsewhere.