What we do?

Dr. MFO Clinic

Our clinic, which was established by Dr. MFO and authorized as the International Health Tourism Center by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, welcomes its guests from all over the world, especially from Central and Northern European countries. During more than 10 years experience of Dr. MFO, we had the chance to welcome patients from a variety of locations such as New Zealand, Canada, Singapore.

Thanks to our valuable patients that we had a chance to welcome to our clinic, Dr. MFO’s team is growing worldwide. It continues to provide its guests with beautiful smiles on their faces with magnificent transformations of aesthetic and plastic surgery thanks to the skillful hands of the surgeon.

Our expert clinical team, consisting of nurses, physios, tourist guides, and interpreters, experienced in the field of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery accompanied our patients in both health and tourism. We are thrilled to see the happiness and joy the patient experiences with the city and health.


Clinic Lounge


Dr. MFO's Office