buttock aesthetics

Brazilian Butt (BBL)

BBL (Brazilian Butt) is mostly performed under general anesthesia. The operation time is about 2-3 hours.

First of all, liposuction is performed to shape the butt area. Excess fat on the butt, around the waist, and under the buttocks is removed and the butt lines are clarified. These fats, which are taken according to the degree of fullness desired to be obtained, can be used to add volume to the butt, if necessary, together with fat taken from other parts of the body.

Buttock augmentation tools could also be used to add volume, especially in some cases where fat tissue is insufficient.

Who is a suitable candidate for BBL?

  • Anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the butt is a candidate for butt aesthetics.
  • It is generally applied to people who have a saggy, flat and wide butt structure.

Before surgery

As in all surgical operations, the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, especially cigarettes, which harm tissue healing and increase the risk of infection by reducing the oxygen level in the body, should be stopped before the forehead reduction surgery. This period covers 2-4 weeks before surgery.

Anticoagulants as well as vitamins and herbal medicines should not be used within 7-10 days before the operation. If you have any known additional diseases and medications you use regularly, you should share them with your surgeon. Likewise, you will need to pay attention to nutrition as recommended by your doctor. If these precautions are taken in the preoperative period, a successful butt aesthetic result is expected.

If you do not have a special health problem, it can be decided whether you are suitable for the operation with the analysis performed on the day of the operation. After all these criteria are met, the favorite operation of those who pay attention to their physical appearance and want to feel good both socially and spiritually is successfully applied.

Surgical planning

The process of Brazilian buttock or BBL surgery begins with the drawing made during the doctor’s consultation. Before the surgery, a drawing is made for surgical planning and the areas where the fat tissue to be used for BBL will be removed, and the liposuction areas around the waist and buttocks that will create a shaped butt figure are determined. In order to provide the targeted volume and shape for buttock aesthetics, the areas where the fat tissue will be placed are marked.

With detailed surgical planning, sturdy surgery, and good post-operative care, it is possible to achieve great change within weeks.

Brazilian butt plastic surgery or BBL, which is one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures of recent years, is an application with a high satisfaction rate. It can offer an ideal solution for obtaining ideal body curves and creating a voluminous Brazilian Butt and gives satisfactory results.

Things to consider on the day of surgery

It is important to bring comfortable clothes for the postoperative period. It is also recommended to take a warm shower with an antibacterial soap the day before the operation.

If you have food supplements, herbal medicines, herbal teas, known additional diseases, or medicines you use regularly, you should share them with your surgeon and his team. If you do not have a special health problem, it can be decided whether you are suitable for the operation with the analysis performed on the day of the operation.


Patients usually stay in the hospital overnight and are discharged the next day. Butt corsets can be used both to partially relieve pain after liposuction to other parts of the body and to support the buttock.

You can start doing your daily work within a few days after the surgery. On the second day, you can take a shower, including the operation area. After about a week, you can go back to office work thanks to the BBL pillow.

A detailed control by your surgeon, usually on the third day after the operation, will also inform you about the results.

Corsets are generally used for 3-6 weeks after surgery. As with all fat injections, it should be kept in mind that half of the injected fat will remain behind in fat injections to the buttock. Not lifting weights after a successful operation and not making rapid movements in the early period also make very positive contributions to the healing process. Heavy activities should be avoided for the first 4-6 weeks after the operation.

At the end of the first week, sports activities such as light-paced walking can be done. As of the third week, you can fully return to your sports life.