Liposuction is fat sculpting. It is a body-shaping surgery that literally means fat removal. Imagine you are making a statue of Aphrodite or Eros from a bunch of stones. That’s it! Remember your old thin and attractive body lines. In fact, go even further and imagine that you will have even more curvy and attractive lines than before! It’s time to get rid of your problems such as lipoedema, lipodystrophy, and regional lipodystrophy resistant to weight loss, and get your fat removed! Get ready for summer by making a tight return to the beaches in a bikini.

Thanks to devices such as Ultrasonic Liposuction (VASER™), Laser Liposuction, and Lipomatic Liposuction, which are relatively new compared to traditional liposuction, it is now possible to shape the body with thinner, tighter, and less repetitive fat removal.

It is possible to use 360 liposuction surgery, hourglass aesthetics, 3D liposuction, and Hi-Def liposuction, to get rid of the appearance of thick legs, big butts or shapeless hips! More importantly, by increasing the definitions of masculine or feminine body lines, muscle shadows, muscular appearance, a thin waist, thin legs, and full hips can be obtained as well.

Never compare its effects with methods such as non-surgical weight loss, and hot, cold, and warm lipolysis. If these methods could be as effective as liposuction methods, liposuction, which we also call fat removal, would be abandoned. On the contrary, new liposuction methods, devices, and techniques are being developed day by day. Liposuction is almost always a natural part of tummy tuck surgery, mommy makeovers, breast aesthetics, butt lifts, and body aesthetic surgeries. It is the most frequently performed plastic surgery operation in the world.

Daily normal needs such as feeding and walking can be easily doable 2-3 hours after the operation. One night of hospitalization after the procedure is sufficient. It is possible to return to work and social life after a few days. Since it is a surgical technique applied with a closed method, it is considered scarless.

Application areas

  • Waist circumference
  • Abdominal area
  • Butt circumference
  • Double chin and face
  • Arms
  • Inner knees
  • Hip area
  • Dorsal
  • Thighs
  • Legs

Who are suitable candidates for liposuction?

  • Those who want a thin waist
  • Those with regional lipodystrophy resistant to weight loss
  • Those who complain of increased thickness in the arm or leg areas
  • Those with lipodystrophy problems in the jowl and face area
  • Those who are unhappy with their leg shape
  • Feminine breast growth in men
  • Those who experience lipedema or lipodystrophy in the hip area and around the buttocks
  • Those who cannot reach the desired body lines despite doing sports
  • Lipedema and lipodystrophy patients

Why fat removal?

If such situations affect your social, familial, and sexual life, it is possible to solve all of these problems with liposuction. Liposuction, which is one of the most applied aesthetic surgery in the world every year, is the gold standard method for regional or whole-body fat complaints. In addition, with liposuction, it is possible to obtain a stronger decollete line, fuller butt, breast, lip, or cheek, and eliminate asymmetries in the body, with permanent fat fillings from your own fat to areas such as butt (Brazilian butt, BBL), breast, cheek, lip. Liposuction, the most frequently performed aesthetic surgical procedure in the world, turns into a magic sculpture work thanks to a master surgeon with a sharp eye and skilled hands. Liposuction is an application with a high satisfaction rate that creates attractive body lines.

Before surgery

There are some conditions that should be considered before fat removal and body shaping operations that should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon. In this process, you should first discuss with your doctor which areas need to be shaped to create your ideal body lines. You should mention the masculine or feminine body lines you like during the doctor’s consultation. During the consultation, your skeletal structure and areas with lipodystrophy complaints are evaluated by your doctor. Your doctor will give you information about the ideal body lines that can be obtained in you, taking into account your hip and shoulder width. Detailed information about the operation process, technical information, and the process after the procedure is conveyed to the patients. Dr. MFO  will show you an exciting path to your dreams about what can be done by evaluating your requests according to your anatomy.

As in all surgical operations, the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, especially cigarettes, which harm tissue healing and increase the risk of infection by decreasing the oxygen level in the body, should be stopped before liposuction surgery. This period covers 2-4 weeks before the operation.

Blood thinners as well as vitamins and herbal medicines should not be used within 7-10 days before the operation. If you have any known additional diseases and medications you use regularly, you should share them with your surgeon. After all these criteria are met, the favorite operation of those who pay attention to their physical appearance and want to feel good both socially and spiritually is successfully applied. Although it varies according to the number of areas operated, the average operation time is 2-3 hours. In people with an average pain threshold, simple pain relievers are more than sufficient for pain control.

After surgery

You can start doing your daily work within a few days after the surgery. Dr. MFO does not recommend the use of drains except in rare patients who may have bleeding problems. In the same way, you can return to office work even on the first day, depending on the pain threshold of the people. On the second day, you can take a shower, including the operation area. Heavy activities should be avoided for the first three weeks after the operation.

A detailed control by your surgeon, usually on the third day after the operation, will also inform you about the results.

Sports activities such as light-paced walking can be done until the first three weeks are complete. As of the fourth week, you can fully return to your sports life. It is recommended to wait for the first six weeks for heavy professional sports activities (weightlifting, boxing, etc.).


One night of hospitalization is usually sufficient after the operation. Thanks to good post-operative care, most patients can return to their normal social life within 7-10 days.

On the same day after the surgery, within a few hours, feeding with liquid foods and walking in the hospital started. Generally, solid foods start to be fed within 1-2 days and the diet returns to normal within a week.

With the use of a corset for a few weeks, it is possible to see the postoperative result in a few months. Thanks to special massage techniques and good post-operative care, this time is minimized.

Heavy physical activities can be done 6-8 weeks after the surgery. The shaping of the waist and abdomen areas is usually completed in the first two months. However, the appearance of the sculpture-like appearance, in which the ideal body shape is achieved, in which the muscle shadows appear, continues to become beautiful for six months.

As long as you maintain your ideal weight in the postoperative period, the results are expected to be permanent. For this reason, it is important to maintain regular exercise, and especially carbohydrate consumption should be avoided.