Venus Belly by Dr. MFO™️

Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplastia

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is an operation in which loosening, sagging, and cracks in the abdomen as well as deformities in the belly button are eliminated. While it often occurs in women after childbirth, the most common cause in men is abdominal laxity resulting from rapid weight gain and loss.

Tummy tuck surgery is almost always combined with liposuction to achieve a slim waist, hourglass appearance, a youthful abdomen and attractive belly button appearance, and a sculptural body appearance with feminine or masculine muscle shadows.  With tummy tuck surgery, all the cracks under the belly button are removed. In addition, thanks to this surgery, the sagging genital area is lifted up, and the effects of years are taken back thanks to the lifting effect. Thus, the hygiene and sexual life comfort of the patients increase. Dr. MFO combines 360 body shaping and tummy tuck surgery for you and by his own shaping technique calls this procedure as VENUS BELLY™️!

In cases such as aging, a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, and excessive weight gain and loss, the abdominal muscles are stretched and separated. Patients describe such situations as leaning forward or after a meal, stomach coming out in the upper abdomen. This is due to abdominal wall laxity. Abdominal wall laxity, which we call diastasis recti, can be corrected by repairing the abdominal muscles during abdominoplasty.

Tummy tuck surgery is the basis of Mommy Makeover or Maternity Aesthetics. The surgeries that are frequently applied together are breast lift and breast augmentation, liposuction, and 360 body lift or girdle stretching (belt lipectomy). Tummy Tuck in Turkey offers you to regain your preborn body! To find out more long-term results, patient reviews, and how much tummy tuck-venus belly surgery costs by Dr. MFO, click the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the site!

Thinks to know about tummy tuck surgeries

It is expected to have a scar like the slightly extended type of the C-Section scar. It is expected that these scars will be almost completely camouflaged as they fade into normal skin color within a few months. However it is not always expected in some cases who are regularly exposed to tobacco products, have additional health conditions, or are unlucky about scars genetically. By the well-known French Bikini Incision Technique, Dr. MFO hides this scar even under your french bikini! 

The average operation time is 2-3 hours. In people with an average pain threshold, simple pain relievers are more than sufficient for pain control. One night of hospitalization is usually sufficient after the operation. Thanks to good post-operative care, most patients can return to their normal social life within 7-10 days.

On the same day after the surgery, within a few hours, feeding with liquid foods and walking in the hospital started. Generally, patients start to eat solid foods within 1-2 days and the diet returns to normal within a week.

With the use of a corset for a few weeks, it is possible to see the post-operative result in a few months. Thanks to special massage techniques and good post-operative care, this time is minimized. Heavy physical activities can be done 6-8 weeks after the surgery. The shaping of the waist and abdomen areas is usually completed in the first two months. However, the appearance of the sculpture-like appearance, in which the ideal body shape is achieved, where muscle shadows appear, continues for six months.

Before the operation, you should inform your doctor about your diagnosed diseases, medications you use regularly, herbal teas and food supplements you use, and your habits. Blood thinners and foods should be discontinued before the operation, with the doctor’s consultation. Active or passive exposure to cigarettes and similar tobacco products reduces tissue oxygen and paves the way for infection. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away for an average of one month before and after the surgery.

There is a high satisfaction rate among tummy tuck patients. Many patients find that this procedure and the cost are well worth it to have more self-confidence and an ideal body shape. If you maintain your ideal weight, the results of the surgery are permanent. Unless external factors such as being pregnant or gaining excess weight affect it, the abdominal area is expected to remain taut with its existing sculpture-like appearance and muscle shadows. If you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, you can enjoy having a smooth and taut abdomen for the rest of your life.

Concomitant procedures

A tummy tuck is often performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures. This helps create balance and harmony in body aesthetics. For example, a maternity Mommy Makeover is one of those combined surgeries that can be perfectly tailored to meet your exact needs. It is a combination of a tummy tuck, breast aesthetics, and liposuction surgeries.

Commonly performed operations with tummy tuck are:

Liposuction: Liposuction is considered with abdominoplasty surgeries almost in every case as a combination to reveal feminine or masculine ideal body lines. Another reason why it combines with abdominoplasty is to create muscle shadows around the body like the chest in males, to create waist thinning and hourglass appearance in women, and increase definition and sculpture-like appearance in the abdomen. The abdomen, belly, waist, and around the buttocks area are frequently applied areas.

Breast Augmentation: In addition to general body contours, Mentor® silicone breast prostheses are the gold standard method, to provide fullness in the breast area.

Breast Lift: Ideal body contours are completed by eliminating the sagging and loss of fullness in the breasts and harmony is created between the abdomen and the breast area. It can be combined with breast augmentation to provide volume and fullness. Fat injection can be included to increase the fullness of the décolleté area.

Mommy Makeover:  It is a tummy tuck surgery to be applied together with 360-degree liposuction, breast lift, or augmentation in the abdomen, waist, and back region. In this way, you can have the ideal feminine body lines by gaining the harmony of your entire body.

Diastasis Rect Repair: Abdominal wall laxity, which develops due to pregnancy, excessive weight gain, or aging, can be easily corrected by including it in abdominoplasty.

Pubic Suspension: Another problem in the deformed body is the sagging genital area. Thanks to the pubic suspension included in tummy tuck surgery, a serious increase in comfort is expected in your sexual life and hygiene.

Body – Girdle Lift ( 360 Body Lift ):  By adding the back and waist areas to the lifting process, excess skin and fat can be removed, and deformities that may occur especially after excessive weight loss or bariatric surgery can be eliminated. Thus, you can get rid of the sagging skin appearance.

Buttock Aesthetics: Buttock prostheses, Brazilian butt (BBL), and butt lift surgeries are not recommended, since there will be problems in the patient’s lying position during the post-operative care period in tummy tuck surgeries. However, ideal body lines can be achieved easily thanks to liposuction applications around the buttocks.