We are well aware that every patient’s story is unique and there are three chapters.

  1. Precare period, preparation for surgery.
  2. Postcare period, care after surgery.
  3. Aftercare period, when the patients arrived in their countries with minds at peace.

First 24 hours

By providing personal nurses during the patient’s hospitalizations we aim for maximum comfort and resolve the language barrier with the local staff of the hospital when they need it most. In a few hours, you might start feeding, getting dressed, and walking.

We personally care about the first steps of the patient. As experienced healthcare providers, we tell about each step to patients that they are going to experience one by one and with getting rid of the uncertainty factor. People scare from the things that they don’t know.

One night of hospitalization may be sufficient mostly but the combined surgeries. In most cases, patients discharge from the hospital after the surgery day. On the discharge day, Dr. MFO talks with the patient to see if the patient is good enough to be discharged. We stay in touch with the patient, provide prescribed medicines to patients and wait for the first consultation day which is mostly 3rd day of the operation. We do provide the last consultation according to patients’ flight dates and send them to their countries with minds at peace.

Before externalization doctor and his professional team do the first dressing and share information about the first results.

The ground transfer takes you into your hotel room accompanied by an attendant team.

World’s famous museum hotels or exciting boutique hotels should help you to meet the new you and discover your life-changing surgery with exclusive rest.


After the operations, there are mental and physical sides that the patients go through as expected. Most patients experience this situation for the first time in their lives but we don’t and we know what to do.

When the patients arrive in their countries we do provide video conference calls periodically to see how the recovery goes and make them feel they are not alone in their journey. In this step of recovery, patients are delicate against the comments of people around them.

In some operations such as liposuction or breast lift/augmentation, there is going to be a corset or sports bra with you. Please do not stop using them before you take your doctor’s opinion.

Active or passive exposure to cigarettes and similar tobacco products before and after surgery reduce tissue oxygen and pave the way for infection. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away for an average of one month before and after the surgery.