Forehead Reduction

A wide or long forehead, misshapen forehead hairline, baldness on the forehead, forehead hairline asymmetry, or a high forehead hairline! Don’t have any nightmares. Thanks to forehead reduction, forehead lift, and forehead hairline advancement surgery, it is possible to get rid of all these problems at once for your dream of a small and narrow forehead and a lower forehead hairline!

A proportional upper face and forehead area is a part of facial beauty and harmony. You may be tired of hiding your forehead, being restricted when determining your hairstyle, and constantly changing hairdressers.

In addition, forehead wrinkles, low eyebrows, and eyebrow asymmetries can be removed by forehead reduction surgery. It can be combined with other surgical procedures such as forehead reduction, rhinoplasty, cat eye, almond eye, mid-face lift, brow lift, and full facelift to improve the facial appearance further.

In which situations is it applied?

  • A wide, large and long forehead
  • High-set, asymmetrical or misshapen forehead hairline
  • As part of Facial Feminization Surgery or FFS & MTF to obtain a rounded feminine hairline
  • Eyebrow drooping and asymmetry
  • Enlargement in the forehead area due to hair loss in the forehead hairline
  • For a long-term solution to forehead wrinkles

Surgical planning

The process of forehead reduction or forehead hairline advancement surgery begins with the drawing made during the doctor’s consultation.

For pre-operative surgical planning, a drawing is made and the probable shape and level of the forehead hairline and the estimated placement of the forehead hairline that will be expected at the end of the surgery are determined.

Thanks to detailed surgical planning, sturdy surgery, and good post-operative care, it is possible to achieve a wonderful change with scars that cannot be noticed within weeks.

Forehead reduction and forehead hairline advancement surgery, which is one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures of recent years, is an application with a high satisfaction rate.

Forehead hairline advancement and forehead reduction surgery can provide an ideal solution to correct the length and width of the forehead area and give satisfactory results in people whose forehead area is longer and wider than normal.

Before surgery

There are some conditions that should be considered before the forehead lift surgery, which should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon. In this process, first of all, the ideal and demanded forehead hairline level and shape should be decided. People should express their likes in terms of forehead hairline level and hairline shape during the doctor’s consultation.

During the consultation, factors such as the height, location, shape, extension of the hairline to the temple area, wrinkles in the forehead area, and forehead hairline asymmetry and eyebrow asymmetry are taken into consideration. Detailed information about the operation process, technical information, and the process after the procedure is conveyed to the patients. 

The forehead hairline, which should look symmetrical and natural, should be in harmony with the facial features of the person. Dr. MFO will show you an exciting path to your dreams about what can be done by evaluating your requests according to your anatomy. As in all surgical operations, the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, especially cigarettes, which harm tissue healing and increase the risk of infection by reducing the oxygen level in the body, should be stopped before the forehead reduction surgery. This period covers 2-4 weeks before surgery. Anticoagulants as well as vitamins and herbal medicines should not be used within 4-7 days before the operation. For any additional diseases and medications, you use regularly, you should share them with your surgeon. If you do not have a special health problem, it can be decided whether you are suitable for the operation with the analysis performed on the day of the operation.

After all these criteria are met, the favorite operation of those who pay attention to their physical appearance and want to feel good both socially and spiritually is successfully applied. Then, Dr. MFO’s team would like to set up the offer for your forehead reduction including surgery cost, all-inclusive service price, the best ticket option, etc.

Things to consider on the day of surgery

It is important to bring comfortable clothes for the postoperative period.

It is also recommended to take a warm shower with an antibacterial soap the day before the operation.

If you do not have a special health problem, it can be decided whether you are suitable for the operation with the analysis performed on the day of the operation.

After surgery

You can start doing your daily routine within a few days after the surgery, mostly. In the same way, you can return to office work even on the first day, depending on the pain threshold of the people.

On the second day, you can take a shower, including the operation area.  Heavy activities should be avoided in the first week after the operation.

A detailed control by your surgeon, usually on the third day after the operation, will also inform you about the results.

As of the first week, you can fully return to your sports life.